Declaration of Principles and Values

People “walk” in many ways. Walking is the most basic form of transportation – the first step to independence as a toddler, and the last thing that people want to give up as they age.

Everyone has the fundamental right of safe pedestrian access to destinations, services, and community resources, regardless of race, age, zip code, income level, or physical ability.

Our vision for Tucson comprises the following:

  • Walking facilities are an essential part of the public realm.
  • Creating a walkable city for all people is a priority.
  • Walkability is at the forefront of all levels of decision-making.
  • Walking infrastructure has dedicated public funding separate from roadway projects.
  • The safety and dignity of people who are walking is assured by designing streets for people.
  • Walking is a convenient and sensible transportation option.
  • The pedestrian network is complete and accessible to all.
  • Shade, an essential component of a good walking environment in the Sonoran Desert, is abundant.
  • The walking environment fosters quality of life for communities. It supports:
    • equity and freedom of access
    • mental and physical health
    • public safety
    • community connections
    • businesses and local economy
    • the environment

In signing this document, I affirm these values and voice my support for this vision.

You may also download this statement as a PDF.